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Within the NRG Roofing Forum you will meet hundreds of like-minded roofing contractors who can help by offering their experience in the business. Roofing just gets a little easier when you have friends to ask for advice.

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Roofing Websites


NRG's RoofWebs.com.

When you need a new roofing website, the only place to look is NRG's RoofWebs.com. Our websites are state-of-the-art will bring more customers. We have options for every budget, and we even offer extended payment plans.

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Welcome to National Roof Group!

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National Roof Group was founded by a roofing contractor who believes that the roofing industry is made great from the ground up. The contractors who make up NRG are some of the country's best, and we invite you to join us today to make the industry as a whole stronger. We'll give you some great member benefits, and companies throughout the industry will give you discounts on their products and services.

NRG's Roofing Forum:

NRG's Forum for Roofers is the most active on the internet. In just five short years, we have amassed a group of contractors who help one another and keep the learning process alive. Have a business issue you can't seem to solve or want to learn about new roof systems? Ask in the forum. Share your roofing photos, experiences and much more.

Great Benefits for Members:

Along with your free membership, you will gain access to all of our great websites, and much more. We are constantly seeking new companies to provide our members with discounts and revolutionary products and services that will help you become more profitable. As an NRG Member, you will receive exclusive discounts on products and services provide by, and for the roofing industry.